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Christmas Greek Style

The Greek Islands are known for their specialty lamb dishes especially during the holiday season and at Christmas as well as New Years. The Chicago area is well known for it's authentic Greek Restaurants, and one such special location is Papaspiros Restaurant in Oak Park, Illinois 728 Lake Street (708)358-1700

Papaspiros' recipes are inspired by the cuisine of Athens. They are family heirloom favorites. One such dish is Arni Psito sliced and simmered leg of lamb, with a delicate lemon artichoke sauce dashed with herbs. The tender sliced roasted lamb is marinated in healthful olive oil and Mediterranean spices.

Other popular menu items are the Roast Baby Lamb, which is also marinated in olive oil and traditional herbs. Fall off the bone tender, it melts in your mouth and can be paired with rice, potato or vegetables of the day.

Papaspiros is famous for it's flame broiled center cut Lamb Chop Dinner which can be prepared to your desired level of doneness from rare to well. Finally, and very traditionally, is the Kokonisto Lamb Shank with Tomato Wine Sauce simmered to flavorful tenderness it is not to be missed served with all the trimmings.

Pair your beautiful lamb selection with an item from the Full Service Bar, such as the Kretikos Red Wine and you will not be disappointed!

Published by Sarah J Hall World Cuisine Today December 16, 2016