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Avgolemono Soup Recipe

When working at a Greek restaurant, one of my favorite recipes has been the Avgolemono Soup. Of course, their version is a secret recipe, so I developed my own, with the addition of shredded chicken if you would like to make it non-vegetarian. Another nice variation is to use some al dente orzo instead of the rice, if you prefer. It is also excellent with some fresh lemon juice squeezed in and garnished with minced flat leaf parsley.


Eight cups high quality chicken or vegetarian broth

Four cups fluffy long grain rice (or orzo pasta)

Eight tablespoons butter

Eight tablespoons flour

One tablespoon kosher salt

Half a cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice

Four egg yolks

Two to four cloves garlic minced

Two pounds of cooked and shredded skinless chicken meat (optional)

One fresh lemon sliced into wedges.


1) In a large soup pot melt eight tablespoons of butter. Gradually stir in the eight tablespoons of flour stirring over medium high heat to make a golden roux.

2) Beat or blend in a blender together the lemon juice and the egg yolks set aside in a bowl, set to the side.

3) In a separate large pot heat the eight cups of stock (chicken, or vegetarian). Add this mixture once very hot rather quickly to the roux mixture in step one. If there are lumps you may strain them with a strainer or slotted spoon, but whisk vigorously and quickly as you combine.

4) Once the soup is smooth gradually add the egg lemon mixture stirring constantly. Season with the salt and pepper and swirl in the minced garlic.

5) Add the shredded chicken if using and stir.

6) Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes but do not boil as this could separate the soup.

7) Ladle out for your guests and garnish each bowl on top with some minced parsley. Serve each bowl with a slice of fresh lemon.

Recipe Developed by Sarah J Hall Originally published: January 4, 2017 World Cuisine Today

Inspired by the Avgolemono Soup of Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake Street Oak Park, Illinois