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Brownies with Fudge Frosting World Cuisine Today Magazine

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Chocolate Brownies with Fudge Frosting

Ingredients for the Brownies

One cup unsalted butter cubed

Six ounces of unsweetened baking chocolate

Two cups granulated sugar

One teaspoon vanilla

One half teaspoon salt

One cup flour

Two cups semi sweet or milk chocolate chips

Method for Brownies

1. Preheat your oven to 350 F. In a small saucepan melt the butter, and chocolate.

2. In a mixing bowl cream together with a hand mixer or regular mixer your sugar, eggs, vanilla and salt. Gradually pour in your melted chocolate butter mixture until smooth.

3. Grease a nine inch by nine inch square brownie pan with melted butter and bake on middle level of your oven at 350 F for thirty five to forty minutes.

Method for the Frosting

One cup granulated sugar

One third of a cup cream

Five Tablespoons unsalted butter

One cup semi sweet or milk chocolate chips

1. In a large saucepan gradually melt the ingredients stirring constantly bring to a very quick boil and then take off heat.

2. Swirl in your chocolate chips until melted. Let cool slightly and pour on to your brownies.

When cooled, cut your frosted brownies for serving.

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