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Sweet Potato Soup with Warm Spice

January is a great time to start those New Year's Resolutions such as healthy meals the whole family will enjoy! Try this healthy and delicious Sweet Potato and Vegetable Soup with Warm Spices! Find more Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes at:

Sweet Potato Soup with Warm Spices

Five Servings


Three cups pureed Sweet Potato or Two 15 ounce cans Sweet Potato Puree

One and a half cups high quality Vegetable Broth

Two teaspoons Chinese Five Spice Mixture: Cinnamon, Fennel Seed, Cloves, Star Anise and White Pepper

Two teaspoons Moroccan Harissa Seasoning Mixture: Paprika, Caraway, Chili, Cayenne, Coriander, Cumin, Garlic

Two teaspoons Seasoned Salt

Two teaspoons ground Pickling Spice

One Bay leaf minced

Two Japanese Dried Chiles minced or One half teaspoon Red Pepper flakes

One teaspoon each: Sweet Paprika, Allspice, Garlic Powder, Dried Rosemary and Dried Sage

Salt and Black Pepper to taste

Two teaspoons White Wine Vinegar or Fresh Lemon Juice

Four cups fresh Brussel Sprouts washed and quartered

One 15 Ounce can Green Lentils (Gondules) in Broth or 15 Ounces of Cooked Fresh Edamame

Two beaten Eggs per adult serving (optional)

Sunflower Seeds or Green Onion as Garnish


1) In a large soup pot place your Pureed Sweet Potato. Add the Broth. Heat on low stirring to smoothness.

2) Next add the washed and quartered Brussel Sprouts, and and beans with broth, stir to mix. Add now the White Wine Vinegar or Lemon Juice. Next the Spice Mixtures. Stir on a simmer.

3) Add the individual Spices and chopped Chili and stir.

4) Bring to the boil for five minutes stirring often. If desired blend the soup in a blender or food processor. For a more rustic soup leave as is.

5) Ladle into a second pot the number of portions you desire to serve. For each adult whisk in two beaten eggs and heat almost to a boil stirring constantly. (This step is optional if Vegan). Heat to almost boiling stirring constantly.

Garnish with your Sunflower Seeds or Green Minced Onion and Enjoy!

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