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Greek Htipiti Spread For Easter, or Passover

Greek Htipiti Feta Pepper Spread on Brown Bread

While it's difficult to plan a spring holiday dinner while it still feels like winter more than spring, it's always good to plan ahead. One delicious Greek Mediterranean spread is called Htipiti. It is a Feta Pepper Spread traditionally made with grilled red peppers, but I love to make it with fresh or pickled Pepperoncini or Banana peppers as they have a natural medium heat. Enjoy the recipe below with some of your favorite bread such as Greek, Pumpernickel, Irish brown bread or Rye. Enjoy this recipe from World Cuisine Today Magazine and try it at your next special gathering as an appetizer.


Eight ounces of crumbled Feta cheese

Two tablespoons Greek yogurt mixed with Two tablespoons whole milk

1/16 cup chives

1/8 cup mint

1/4 cup flat leaf parsley

Two tablespoons dill

Two tablespoons lemon juice

Three garlic cloves minced

1/4 cup olive oil

One teaspoon cracked black pepper

One half a banana pepper seeded and white innards removed minced


1) In a blender or food processor place the cheese. Mix the yogurt with the milk and add. Add the salt and pepper, herbs, garlic and chives. Combine the olive oil mixed with the lemon juice. Mix in the minced banana pepper. If you do not have a processor, mince all before adding if mixing by hand.

2) Pulse the entire mixture until smooth in a food processor or blender, or thoroughly mix with a spatula. Garnish with more flat leaf parsley, dill and chive. Chill covered for one hour and serve cold as an appetizer with pita bread, crusty Mediterranean bread, or firm brown bread as mentioned above.

A spicy creamy refreshing beginning to a family gathering. Enjoy!

Recipe Developed By: Sarah J. Hall World Cuisine Today Magazine

April 5, 2019

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