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Elegant Mashed Potatoes

When company comes, or family, Elegant Mashed Potatoes prepared in a professional manor can add a lot to your special meal. Utilize Idaho Russet potatoes, or Yukon Gold for a creamy delicious dish. Excellent for Your Next Brisket or Chicken Dinner. Try wish our Holiday Brisket with a Smokey Twist Recipe and many more at Subscribe to our email list to catch all the new recipes coming to you this Fall and the latest news.

Elegant Mashed Potatoes


Three pounds of White Potatoes washed and peeled cut into eighths

One half stick unsalted Butter

One half cup Cream

One fourth of a teaspoon White Pepper

One fourth of a teaspoon Kosher Salt

One fourth of a teaspoon ground Cardamom

Optional: Two minced Garlic cloves


1) Peel wash and cut into eighths the potatoes. Rinse again and dry with a paper towel.

2) In a large sauce pan or Dutch oven bring water to a boil enough to submerge the Potatoes.

3) Add the Potatoes to the boiling water and cook for 25 minutes.

4) In a smaller saucepan melt the butter and pour into a small bowl. Let cool. Add the Cream, Spices and minced Garlic if using.

5) Pour out the cooked Potatoes into a large mixing bowl. Add the wet ingredients with the Spices and mash either with a potato masher, or with a conventional mixer on medium speed.

Served garnished with your favorite fresh herbs such as minced Parsley or Rosemary.

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