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Rustic Pasta with Creamy Yogurt Herb Sauce

Pasta with Mediterranian Cheese and Herbs

Pasta. It might have been the first food you ever tried. Yet, there are so many delectable possibilities. Once in a great while, I try a pasta recipe that sinks deep into my memory. Something quite different from the norm. It was one day when I was trying new cuisines that I came upon a few of these recipes. The recipe was from Turkey, but I learned this type of pasta making was common throughout the Mediterranean region, and even in Eastern Europe. Clearly, this was a trend I had missed in the United States somehow! Below, is a close approximation to the first time I tried this dish.

Recipe For Pasta With Creamy Yogurt Herb Sauce


One package Linguini pasta broken in half

Two cups Greek style Mediterranean yogurt

One cup whole milk

One cup cream

One cup flat leaf parsley minced

Two tablespoons fresh Thyme

Two tablespoons mint OR Basil fresh

One half a stick unsalted butter melted

Two Tablespoons sweet Paprika

Four Tablespoons olive oil

Eight cloves minced garlic


1) In a large non reactive bowl, mix thoroughly the Greek yogurt, milk, and cream. Set to the side.

2) In a small pan melt two tablespoons of the butter with two Tablespoons of the flour until golden yellow. Set to the side.

3) Take the two Tablespoons of olive oil and saute the minced garlic until a light yellow color.

5) Melt the butter and mix with the sweet Paprika set to the side.

6) Heat the cream, yogurt mixture to almost boiling. Add the garlic. At the very end add all the minced herbs and stir thoroughly.

7) Place the hot pasta in a bowl and toss with the cream sauce. Drizzle the top with the melted butter paprika mixture and serve immediately

World Cuisine Today Magazine

November 12, 2020