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Irish Style Coffee World Cuisine Today Magazine

Whether it is you kitchen table or your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, nothing beats a coffee with a bit of cream and liquor from whiskey, to brandy, to rum, to ouzo. Different countries throughout the world all have their favorite concoction. So when it is time to greet family and friends, and you want to add some adults only cheer to your coffee the Irish way, enjoy this recipe!

Recipe For Irish Coffee


One carafe of your favorite Irish coffee

Lightly Whipped Heavy whipping cream (two cups)

A high quality Whisky such as Jameson or Jim Beam Tennnessee Honey Irish (11/2 ounces per glass)

One Tablespoon Brown Sugar (per glass)


1) In a beautiful glass coffee cup, add one cup of piping hot freshly brewed Irish coffee.

2) If using the Jameson, swirl in the brown sugar. If using the Honey Irish, omit the sugar.

3) Lightly whip two cups of whipping cream in your kitchn and gently pour over each glass. If preferred whip your cream to full stiffness.

Recipe Created by: Sarah J. Hall World Cuisine Today March 16, 2017

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