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How to Make Traditional Ashkenazic Jewish Gefilte Fish Appetizers

Traditional Ashkenazik Jewish Gefilte Fish

One beautiful start to a Passover Seder meal, is a dish known in Eastern Europe and the Middle Eastern region as Gefilte Fish. Originally made in small towns with carp and other inexpensive fish it is excellent with whitefish, cod fish, trout, sea bass, or salmon. I prefer to make it with whitefish or codfish and some trout as the fish has a sweet and fluffy flavor. Enjoy this authentic recipe and let us know how it turns out for your special holiday gathering. Don't forget the fresh ground horseradish with or without ground horseradish to garnish your Gefilte fish appetizer. Carrots and onions are also a pleasant touch as is serving it on a beautiful lettuce leaf, such as Romaine. Recipe developed by World Cuisine Today


11/2 pounds boneless whitefish, codfish or salmon cut in cubes

1/2 pound trout or butterfish cut into cubes

Three large carrots washed and peeled

Two large celery stalks

Two large yellow onions

Four to five whole cloves

1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper or pink pepper

Two teaspoons Kosher salt

One teaspoon sugar

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup minced parsley plus

Two fresh bay leaves minced

Three tablespoons minced flat leaf parsley

Three tablespoons mint or fresh basil

24 minced chives

3 Large eggs beaten

6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Three minced garlic cloves

Five tablespoons Matzo meal

One head of Romaine lettuce

Ground fresh horseradish as condiment

Slice carrots and onions as condiment


1) In a large soup pot take an onion peel wash and cut into quarters. In each quarter place a whole clove and add to the pot of water with a three Tablespoons olive oil. Add one carrot washed peeled and cut into circular shapes. Add one chopped celery stalk with the leaves minced. Add one of the garlic cloves minced. Add the minced bay leaves and a quarter cup of the parsley minced.

2) Chop then mince in a food processor the remaining onion, one large carrot and the other celery with leaves. Also add the two types of fish, the other two garlic cloves, 3 T flatleaf, and 3 T parsley as well as chives, and lemon juice. Make sure mixture is only finely chopped and not liquid.

3) Remove the contents to a bowl and add the beaten egg, oil, and matzo meal.

4) Wash and wet your hands with cold water. Mold the mixture into three inch long and two inch wide oval shapes. They should look like little footballs.

5) Slide these into your hot broth with one remaining sliced carrot. Simmer for twenty five minutes or less until firm. Reserve the sliced carrots for garnish.

6) Let the fish balls cool to room temperature and serve garnished with the onion and carrot on a lettuce leaf garnishing a small plate.

7) Pass the ground prepared horseradish separately.

Recipe Developed By: World Cuisine Today

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