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How To Make A Greek-American Saganaki Flaming Cheese as an Appetizer

If you have ever visited the Chicago area, a trip to a Greek Restaurant will surely include a flaming Saganaki cheese display. Expert professionals flame the flavorful cheese at your table, douse it with brandy and finish off the performance with some fresh lemon juice. With some Mediterranean baguettes, or pita, it is a wonderful and flavorful appetizer. It pairs well with a rose or sweet white wine. This Greek recipe is developed by World Cuisine Today and inspired by the Saganaki enjoyed daily at Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake Street Oak Park IL

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Recipe For Saganaki For the Home Chef


Four ounces of Kefalograviera cheese

One large lemon cut into wedges

Eight Tablespoons whiskey of your choice

White flour seasoned with a bit of salt, and pepper

Extra virgin olive oil


1) In a large preferably cast iron pan place a bit of the olive oil.

2) Carefully cut the cheese into half inch rectangles

3) Lightly wash each piece under a bit of warm water pat slightly dry with a towel but have the cheese remain moist

4) Dredge the cheese in the flour on both sides

5) Fry the cheese on both sides until crispy brown

6) Slightly before each side is completed, spoon a bit of the brandy over each side

7) At the final end of cooking squeeze a lemon wedge over each saganaki cheese rectangle roughly two minutes a side.

8) Serve with additional lemon wedges and baguette or pita bread for spreading

World Cuisine Today June 22, 2017