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How To Make Chinese Spicy Dry Tofu with Rice

Spicy Dry Chinese Tofu World Cuisine Today

If you are not sure if you enjoy Tofu, but are sure you like lightly fried foods, and spicy foods, you should really not miss the popular Chinese Spicy Dry Tofu. It is called "dry" tofu, because it is crispy on the outside, and does not come in a heavy sauce or gravy, which is quite pleasant. I once worked in the China town area, and noticed that tofu was as much a staple as meat or milk is in the west, in east Asian countries. It is very filling while being able to take on almost any flavor you choose to give it. Chinese peppers, garlic and scallion are lightly stir fried with additional spices and either served over a delicate bed of lettuce, or white rice. It is also excellent with a Chinese broth as an appetizer. Enjoy!

Recipe For Authentic Chinese Spicy "Dry" Tofu

Serve With Steamed Rice or On a Bed of Tender Lettuce Leaves


One pound firm tofu

12 large dried Chinese peppers

One inch of fresh ginger minced or grated

Three garlic cloves slivered paper thin or minced

Three scallions minced or cut into one inch pieces

One teaspoon Kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

(2) 1/4 cups canola oil

1/8 cup corn starch

1/8 cup white all purpose or rice flour

One teaspoon mildly salty soy sauce

One tablespoon rice vinegar

One tablespoon honey

1/8 cup water


1) On a clean plate, place a clean towel or paper towel. Place your firm tofu. Place another towel on top. Then weight down with a few dinner plates. Leave in a cool place like the refridgerator to drain excess juices.

2) Mince your vegetables: garlic, scallion, ginger and peppers. In a pie plate or on one of the tofu plates washed and dried, place the corn starch and flour thoroughly mixed. Also mix in the salt and pepper.

3) Heat the canola oil in a large wok, or high sided pot or pan to medium high heat. Cut the soy into rectangle shapes, dredge in the flour, salt and pepper mixture, shake off excess, and place in the pan in one layer batches.

4) Grill roughly 2 to 2 1/2 minutes a side on medium high until golden brown but not too dark. Drain on paper towels. Discard the oil. Cover the Tofu and keep warm on a plate at 200 degrees F in oven.

5) Place the new oil in the pan and heat. Stir fry your garlic, scallion, ginger, and peppers. Turn off the heat briefly and add the soy sauce, rice vinegar and honey. Bring to a boil and reduce heat slightly. Swirl in one Tablespoon of flour pre mixed with a bit of the hot sauce and simmer for a few minutes to thicken the sauce.

To Serve: In a pretty bowl, place the hot Tofu. Spoon the sauce over the Tofu and lightly mix to coat. Serve immediately with rice or a bed of lettuce for each guest to have their Tofu on.

World Cuisine Today August 19, 2018