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How to Make a Whole Grilled Sea Bass with Lemon Dipping Sauce from World Cuisine Today

In the Greek Islands, fish is a staple of the cuisine. Good for one's heart, mind and taste buds, many are unsure of how to properly prepare it. One of the delicacies of Greece is whole grilled fish. At many Greek restaurants in the United States, Sea Bass is a popular choice for it's creamy white interior and fresh taste. Enjoy this traditional Greek preparation of a popular fish in the United States and Greece. Inspired by the Sea Bass on the menu at Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake Street Oak Park IL.

Grilled Sea Bass Greek Style

Ingredients for the Fish

Four Whole Sea Bass per person

1/2 cup to one cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One cup flat leaf parsley minced

Twelve Tablespoons fresh thyme stems removed (twelve teaspoons dried)

Twelve Tablespoons fresh oregano (twelve teaspoons dried)

Four Tablespoons fresh basil (four teaspoons dried)

Four large lemons cut into thin slices

Eight cloves garlic minced

Twelve shallots or one half cup white onion minced

One large lemon cut into wedges

Juice of one large lemon

One cup Kalamata olives

Four teaspoons Kosher salt or Pink salt

Four teaspoons cracked black pepper or ground white pepper

Four teaspoons sweet Paprika

Method for the Fish

1) Wash and pat dry each Sea Bass. Season each with 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/4f teaspoon of pepper, and 1/4 teaspoon of sweet paprika. Also put one to two tablespoons of oil on the outside. Repeat procedure on the inside. Place two minced garlic cloves inside each fish as well as two tablespoons fresh thyme, and oregano. Next add to each one Tablespoon fresh basil. Add two minced shallots to each or two tablespoons white onion. Line the inside with very thinly sliced lemon rounds. Reserve at least 1/4 cup of olive oil and do not use for frying.

2) In a few large frying pans heat half an inch of extra virgin olive oil. On medium heat cook for six to eight minutes per side shaking often so as not to burn the skin.

3) Place the whole pan seared Sea Bass on a beautiful non reactive platter. Garnish with the Kalamata olives and lemon wedges.

4) Place the juice of one large lemon, and the remaining quarter cup oil in a small bowl and whisk. Whisk in a bit more of your herbs, salt, and pepper. In a small saucepan heat. Place a bit of the sauce into a small egg cup. Let each guest dip their fish into the cup or drizzle it over their meat.

Serving suggestion is with herbed rice, or Greek style potato and a simmered hot vegetable such as baby spinach.

World Cuisine Today January 12, 2018