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Mexican Authentic Mole Sauce for Meat, Seafood or Enchiladas. World Cuisine Today Magazine worldcuis

Try this authentic style Mole Sauce when making your next batch of Enchiladas for a special occasion. Explore more authentic Mexican and world recipes at World Cuisine Today Magazine.

Recipe for Mole Sauce for Chicken or Enchiladas


Three cups high quality vegetable or chicken broth

Two dried Guajillo Chiles

Two dried Ancho Chiles

Three canned or dried Chipotle chiles

One third of a cup ground almonds

One third of a cup ground cashews

One cup chopped tomatoes

One half cup chopped tomatillos or green tomatoes

Three Tablespoons butter, canola oil or vegetarian lard

One large onion

One quarter cup golden raisins

Two teaspoons Cumin

One Tablespoon ground Coriander

Two teaspoons sweet Cinnamon

Three teaspoons maple syrup or granulated sugar

One teaspoon Allspice ground

One eighth teaspoon ground Cloves

Five ounces dark or milk chocolate minced

One teaspoon salt


1) Slice your chilies lengthwise and remove the stems and seeds. Grill them in a tiny bit of oil for thirty seconds per side in batches. Next soak them for half an hour in one cup of the broth so that the smoky flavor infuses the broth. If using canned Chipotles simply chop them and add them to the bowl because they already have a smoky taste. Also add the golden raisins to plump them up.

2) Place the chilies, raisins, and water in the blender with the three cups broth and pulse until blended. In a small frying pan toast your dried bread crumbs in a bit of oil or lard along with the ground blanched almonds and ground cashews. Add these to your blender and pulse for smoothness.

3) Do the same thing with your chopped tomatoes and tomatillos and add to the blended broth.

4) Next with the remaining oil place your chopped onion and garlic in a small saute pan with the dry spices and also blend with the broth mixture. Simmer until the onions are translucent.

5) In a large saucepan melt your chocolate. Add the broth, pepper, tomato, nut mixture. Add the maple syrup, or sugar. Simmer until melted for roughly ten to fifteen minutes.

Use this sauce over shredded simmered Mexican style chicken pieces, or as a coating and sauce over your Enchiladas which could be filled with shredded chicken, ground or shredded beef, pork, Chihuahua cheese, beans, or guacamole. Mole is also excellent over grilled steak, Carne Asada or with a firm whitefish such as Tilapia, Whitefish or Cod. Enjoy this for a festive occasion. Serve with rice, simmered black beans or pintos, and a small Mexican salad for each person with sour cream, shredded Queso Fresco.

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